Seeds for thought


As I mindfully harvest and sort my home grown’Munstead’ lavender seeds for childrens fairy garden and butterfly and bee attracting seed packs, very wonderful thoughts pass through my head:

  • awe that each tiny shiny seed (of which two are squeezed from each floret) can grow into a single perennial dwarf bush yielding thousands of seeds annually (this is my first harvest as both of my bushes were planted as a seedling in 2016)!
  • hope that these seeds will bring Blue-banded bees to new homes as they did my home (the blue banded bee is a newly discovered creature of mine in 2016, and confess I am infatuated with it after my 5 separate sightings of it around Melbourne and Sydney!)
  • enjoyment of the intoxicating perfume wafting up my nostrils and throughout my house as I rub the drying flower heads between my thumb and fingertips
  • appreciation of how time consuming and fiddly it is to collect seeds from flowers and how this has been an important human activity around our planet for millenia… of how human ingenuity has come up with more and more efficient and specific ways of doing this for different seeds and how I instinctively try different strategies in my endeavour – marvelling at qualities in our human nature such as our adaptiveness, risk-taking and resilience that makes us such a successful species – that we work with nature to grow our own food and shape our world with plants
  • peace that comes with being engrossed in a simple yet rewarding task for more than 2 hours whilst listening to the summer rain outside, knowing I am fortunate to be on holidays, to able to continue gardening indoors when it’s rainy, to have the luxury to sort seeds without war or famine or bad health as many people are enduring

It’s amazing how simple seeds can give so much!

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