Education = Empowerment

Today was my first garden makeover under my own flag NurtureNature Education.

Rebecca, my new client, had tried summer veggie growing before but went away mid summer school holidays without watering system in place and came back to a sad state of affairs. How disheartening!

img_3931 It was left to grow lovely weeds, as you see here. Rebecca has the courage to try again this year, and this time was wise to ask for professional advice! We have all the knowledge, skills and experience to help with all kinds of gardening.

NurtureNature Education doesn’t just come in and wave the magic spade and your garden is perfect and looks after itself. No. We work out what the problems are, what your vision is, advise you on how to do it successfully, show you tips of the trade, explain the science behind gardening so everything seems common sense, and give YOU the horticultural knowledge and skills to ensure it thrives under your newfound gardening direction.

We want to encourage everyone to connect with their gardens, and this begins when you are a part of the preparation, planting, nurturing, so you reap the rewards with bountiful harvest.

We want you to love your garden, and want to spend as much time outdoors in it as you can, just like I do!

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Empowered with tips on how deep to plant seeds, companion planting, worm farm set up and care, composting methods, watering methods, and planting the foods she likes to eat, Rebecca and her family are excited about their new garden again!

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4 thoughts on “Education = Empowerment”

  1. What a terrific idea! No-one could resist this way of understanding their own individual gardening requirements. It takes the ‘generalization’ away from gardening and places it firmly in the hands (literally) of the owner.

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