Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Help celebrate our beautiful birds for national birdweek Oct 17th-23rd #AussieBirdCount!

Sign up like NurtureNature Education to The Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count to help record the birdlife in your suburb as an indicator of biodiversity and birdlife health Australia wide. There are great prizes for registering and taking part in the survey.

Remember it is easy to attract birdlife to your own garden by providing:

  • water (birdbaths, ponds),
  • protective habitat  (small birds like honeyeaters and native finches need dense canopies or prickly bushes for refuge from more dominant species like Noisy Miners, Indian Miners,  Currawongs and Magpies),
  • food sources (nectar rich flowers, insect attracting plants and rich organic compost to attract invertebrates).

Year 5 students from Mount Scopus Memorial College were thrilled to discover a Boobook owl near their Campus at our Gardiners Creek biodiversity walk on Friday.

What birds live in your neighbourhood?

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